Ever since the inception of NDE, we have dedicated ourselves to the concept of effective change. We believe that change is the precursor to further development and advancement of our great nation.

We strived to find better ways to serve our customers and present them with superior products and higher quality services. Having established ourselves as a major contender in the dredging and marine construction field, we moved on to a more vigorous expansion of our operations in civil and industrial construction works.

The accumulated success of our past endeavours and the continuation of this success in our future expansion plans could not be realized without our dedicated workforce. Recognized by our commitment, dedication and professionalism, we wish to become your preferred choice for dredging and marine services, intending nothing less than to achieve the same successful status in the field of civil and industrial construction and engineering.

Rizwan Mustafiz

Managing Director

National Development Engineers Ltd

Fahad Alam Raad

Managing Director

Imran Mustafiz


Nirjhar Noor Anwar

Director & CEO

Raihan Mustafiz


Rizwan Mustafiz

Vice Chairman

Dominating in Varsatility

A certain objective of NDE was to develop a variety of infrastructures in Bangladesh over time. This included but was not limited to commercial buildings, steel structures, workshops and warehouses, bridges and culverts, jetties and harbours, highways and roads, industrial projects, electric substation, transmission and distribution lines, water supply system and sanitary works, deep tube wells.

Whether on Build and Transfer basis or Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis, or on a Turnkey basis, we delivered.

Purity of Management

The Board of Directors, comprising of Chairman, Managing Director and three Directors, are well known in the relevant field and engineering circle of the country. They are each practiced professionals, who directly look after the technical affairs in addition to management of the firm. Not to mention maintenance of liaison with clientele, as well as assisting senior key personnel.

To implement projects effectively, we always focus on time and quality beyond all else. We have built an efficient team of highly experienced key personnel within a thriving culture of teamwork. Each member of management has been keenly selected for their experience and knowledge in the field. Their particular skill in anticipating complication and carrying forward detailed methodologies is second-to-none for capably handling over your project.

Philosophy of Professionalism

Adapting Proactively

We actively participate in projects to mould the building industry towards what is economically viable. Climate change, commercial adaptability and socio-cultural behaviour are always taken into account.

Practicing Standards

Our senior management meticulously maintain standards and ethics, respecting industry criteria. We pay strict adherence to standard practices, maintaining quality of materials, workmanship and budget limits

Managing Time

Timely completion of activities is often crucial for controlling budget overrun of a project. Implementation of software output plays a key role here to accelerate time frames while maintaining quality.

Quality Output

While national standards are practiced, international standards are aimed for at NDE. We wish to grow with the world, providing assets which repay you decades after we conceive them.

Human Resources

NDE Dredging’s technical personnel, namely architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and more are specialized in our respective service fields. The Human Factor is deeply anchored among our core values.

With 21% of our technical personnel holding Diplomas, Bachelors or higher Degrees, we boast a key competitive advantage and take especially good care of their well-trained, well-educated, highly skilled and enthusiastic workforce.

B.Sc. in Engineering (Civil)                                                  113

B.Sc. in Engineering (Electrical & Mechanical)                  21

Diploma in Engineering (Civil)                                            168

Diploma in Engineering (Electrical & Mechanical)            24

Other Technical Manpower                                               1,233

Total Technical Employee                                                 1559


Non-Technical Manpower                                                     607

Total Employee                                                                   2,166